Soon after its foundation FRITZ WERNER became specialised in the design and manufacture of high quality machines for ammunition and military weapons. In the following years the good reputation of FRITZ WERNER began to spread. As a consequence FRITZ WERNER also ventured into the new market for general machine tools, again designing and making state of the art, reliable machinery of highest quality.
In recent years, FRITZ WERNER had further successful turnkey projects which helped our customers with the introduction of new manufacturing programs. Often these new manufacturing programs were based on NATO requirements.
 A unique point and major advantage of FRITZ WERNER is the fact that FRITZ WERNER is the only machine manufacturer who also owned an ammunition manufacturing factory. In this factory (MEN Elisenhütte GmbH, Nassau) that was founded by FRITZ WERNER in 1957, highly qualified staff manufactures ammunition for German and foreign authorities (police, custom, border guards etc.) as well as ammunition for the German and other NATO defence forces.
Based on this constellation and experience, we are in a position to give our customers tailor made know-how packages.
The range of FRITZ WERNER machinery includes:
  • Annealing Machines
  • Belt Linking Machines
  • Blanking and Cupping Presses
  • Bottom Presses
  • Bullet Inspection Machines
  • Bullet Transfer Presses
  • Case Revision Machines
  • Drawing Presses
  • Drilling Machines
  • Finish Cleaning and Drying Plants
  • Grooving Machines
  • Lead Core Presses
  • Loading and Assembling Machines
  • Packing Machines
  • Primer Cap Inserting Machines
  • Primer Inserting and Varnishing Machines
  • Weighing Machines
  • Weighing and Gauging Machines
  • Varnishing Machines