Primer Inserting, Loading, and Assembly

FRITZ WERNER has a full range of reliable machines for secure and highly efficient operations in primer inserting, loading and assembly.

Packing and Belt Linking

Automated packing and belt linking operations means cost advantages for every ammunition producer. FRITZ WERNER has a range of special ammunition packing machines.
The machines are of modular design and allow automated and highly efficient packing of all popular calibres into various packing arrangements. Extra modules that can be integrated into the packing machines allow value added functions such as visual inspection and tip painting.

Our range of our Loading Section machines include:
  • Belt Linking Machines
  • Finish Cleaning and Assembling Machines
  • Primer Cap Inserting Machines
  • Primer Inserting and Varnishing Machines
  • Weighing and Gauging Machines
  • Packing Machines


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